Mis-sold Investments & Pensions

The latest scandal to hit the UK banks is the mis-selling of investment products such as Stocks and Shares ISAs, Unit Trusts, Investment Bonds, pensions and much more. Thousands of people are being awarded compensation across the country and to date, well over £66m has been paid out by the banks.

AIA Solicitors are working in conjunction with MRH Solicitors to represent people that have been mis-sold an investment or pension in the last 20 years. 

If you’ve been mis-sold investments or pensions in the last 20 years there’s a chance you could be due compensation.

We have created a questionnaire to help you find out in minutes if you qualify to claim compensation – see below

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) have put aside over £100 Million to compensate those falling victim to this advice.

Complete the questionnaire below to see if you qualify to claim compensation.

Mis-sold Investments

Have you been mis-sold an investement?

The mis-selling was widespread across high-street banks and independent advisors alike. High pressure sales targets led to agents pushing products which were potentially un-suitable. In addition, most bank advisers were also tied agents, which meant they could only recommend investment products provided by their employer.

A number of reasons meant that thousands of products were mis-sold to consumers, who are now being paid compensation.

If you took out an investment product in the last 20 years you could be due compensation – regardless of whether you have lost money, broke even or made a profit as a result of your investment. 

 The scandal affects all investments products, including:
  • Stocks and Shares
  • ISAs
  • Unit Trusts
  • Investments Bonds – to name just a few

Mis-sold Pensions

Did you receive advice to transfer your Pension?

Government investigations have found cases of serious misconduct against financial advisers who provided clients with unsuitable investments, or just bad advice relating to transferring workplace pensions in the last 20 years.

You may have a right to claim compensation. If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions below, we may be able to help you:

  • Have you transferred your pension since 2000?

  • Were you concerned about the level of risk involved?

  • Was your Pension scheme your main or only source of retirement income?

  • Were the fees explained to you and were you happy to pay those fees?

  • Did you have any dealing with The Financial Factory/Westbury Capital or any other Financial advisory Firm?

If you have invested in any of the following companies, it’s likely that you will have been mis-sold and are likely to be eligible for compensation:

  • Berkeley Burke

  • EasySIPP

  • London & Colonial

  • Carey Pensions

  • Novia SIPP

  • Rowanmoor

  • Or any other SIPP pension

*Please note, that we have entered into a fee sharing arrangement with MRH Solicitors for recommending you to them whereby upon conclusion of a successful claim their charges will be shared with us. Any work carried out to claim compensation will be carried out by MRH Solicitors, with AIA Solicitors being the introducer.