Dental Negligence

Mr J attended his dentist for the removal of his lower right tooth. After the extraction, the dentist made Mr J aware that he had accidentally cut his lip, which he immediately treated with numerous stitches. For a number of days, Mr J was in serious pain and could not work or eat anything.

Mr J also struggled to speak for many weeks, which was particularly demeaning as he was employed at a call centre and therefore had to be taken off the phones and given desk duties. Mr J was then informed that he would be left with a permanent scar on his lip. People would constantly ask him what had happened, making Mr J very self-conscious. We were successfully able to recover £3,750 for Mr J.

Dental Negligence

Miss I needed dental treatment involving the extraction of several teeth and their replacement with partial dentures. Before any procedure had taken place, Miss I had signed a consent form agreeing to the treatment. However, a mistake was made with the form which resulted in the incorrect tooth being extracted without Miss I’s consent.

As well as suffering the unnecessary removal of a tooth which needn’t have been extracted, Miss I then also needed the correct tooth removed, causing further inconvenience and costs. We were successfully able to recover £13,750 for Miss I.

Dental Negligence

Mr H attended his Dental Practice for a root canal treatment. The Dentist administered anaesthetic, but during the treatment the client could feel a tingling sensation. Following the treatment, it soon became obvious to the patient that his lip was swollen and painful, making it difficult to eat and drink.

When attending his doctors, Mr H was advised that the skin on his chin area had been burnt alongside blistering on the inside of his lip. We argued that the burns and subsequent pain and suffering were a result of a chemical substance that was negligently allowed to get onto Mr H’s skin during dental treatment. As a result, we were able to claim back £6,500 for Mr H.

Accident at Work

Mr G had been working as a forester for over 3 and a half years. Often working with heavy and dangerous machinery, Mr G received no training on how the different types of machinery worked. On the day of the incident, a small log had become wedged in the mechanism of the machine. The safety guard had been taken off, meaning that Mr G had no choice but to try and dislodge the log whilst the machine was still active. As a result, a chainsaw blade came loose and cut Mr G’s index and middle finger, causing a deep laceration. Mr G was forced to take a lengthy time off work due to the injury.

Upon returning to work weeks later, Mr G’s employer had not taken any further health and safety precautions. As a result, the cut became infected which further exacerbated the discomfort. We were able to successfully recover £3,000 in damages for Mr G to compensate him for the pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

Dental Negligence

Miss F was a child when she attended Hospital for surgical removal of a lower left tooth. During the procedure, Miss F’s left lip was burnt by a dental drill. The patient’s lip remained painful for many weeks, resulting in difficulties eating. The burn also developed into a scar, which was very distressing for Miss F especially due to her young and impressionable age.

We successfully argued that the Defendant was negligent in allowing the dental drill to overheat, thus causing the burn and the resultant pain and suffering. We managed to recover damages of £5,000 for Miss F.

Hospital Fall

Mrs E & E are the daughter and granddaughter of the late Mr E, who sadly passed away following a fall sustained during his stay at hospital. Mr E was admitted to hospital with reduced appetite, weight loss, anaemia, liver masses and possible bladder lesions. During his stay, Mr E developed diarrhoea and was moved to an isolated room. It was in this room that Mr E fell, resulting in subdural bleeding and subsequently his death a few days later.

The hospital admitted that a risk assessment should have been done, which would have identified Mr E of being at a high risk of falling. We argued that Mr E should never have been placed alone and should have been attended to by staff at all times. This was denied by the hospital. Nevertheless, we achieved a settlement of £5,000 for Mrs and Mrs E.

Dental Negligence

Mr O attended hospital for the extraction of his lower wisdom teeth. During treatment, Mr O suffered a serious burn injury to his upper lip due to an overheated drill piece. We were able to successfully argue that both the dental practitioner and hospital were negligent in allowing the drill handpiece to overheat. Had the drill been regularly lubricated and had the dentist properly maintained and inspected the equipment, the injury to Mr O would not have occurred.

Mr O suffered immediate pain and suffering due to the injury. He has also been left with a permanent area of scarring, which is particularly concerning for Mr O due to his employment as a sales representative where appearance if of the upmost importance. We were able to recover £7,000 for Mr O.

Accident at Work

Mr D was employed as a bakery cleaner. During his duties of cleaning the kitchen area, our client sustained a deep laceration to his right hand from an exposed metal strip. Following the injury, Mr D was unable to perform any normal domestic duties and became heavily dependent upon assistance from his mother. He was also unable to enjoy day to day activities such as driving, walking his dogs and going to the gym. Due to the injury, Mr D also suffered from a reduction in grip power in his right hand. This was particularly concerning for the client in terms of his future employability, as he had always been employed in industry where manual handling and lifting is essential.

Mr D’s employers admitted that the metal strip contained sharp and dangerous edges and posed a recognised risk to employees. We were successfully able to argue that had a risk assessment been conducted prior to the incident, remedial steps could have been taken to prevent the injury. For example, Mr D could have been provided with protective equipment such as handgloves. We successfully recovered a settlement of £6,600 for Mr D.

Dental Negligence

Miss C underwent dental treatment whereby she was fitted with numerous implants and a full dental bridge. The procedure was done negligently and the client suffered extensive bleeding and pain. The pain and discomfort was ongoing after the treatment, rendering Miss C unable to work and eat. The client’s physical appearance had also not improved; Miss C became very anxious and depressed and even attempted to take her own life.

Upon seeing another dentist, Miss C was advised that her implants would need to be removed due to poor positioning and failure. She therefore required even further treatment to resolve the problems. We were able to argue that the extensive pain, suffering and financial loss were all directly attributable to the Defendant’s conduct. We successfully achieved a settlement of £30,000 for Miss C.

Road Traffic Accident

Miss B was involved in a road traffic accident when an oncoming wagon crashed into the back of her whilst she was on her way to University. Miss B suffered a significant amount of pain following the accident, together with ongoing traumatic flashbacks, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

Unable to sit her law exams, Miss B was forced to delay her legal qualifications by a period of six months, resulting in a direct loss of earnings. We were able to recover a settlement of £10,000 for Miss B, which we hope will assist her in the future.