Funding your claim

The methods we utilise to fund your claim are :

  • No win no fee agreement (Conditional Fee Agreement)
  • Private funding
  • Legal expenses insurance

Conditional fee agreement

We understand that many people are concerned that there are hidden costs when they hear the phrase No Win No Fee and that we would not work on your claim for Free. We can assure you there are no hidden costs when dealing with a claim on a No Win No Fee Basis, we do not deal with your claim for free, we get paid by your opponent’s insurers when we win your claim. If we lose your claim you do not pay a penny.

In the unlikely event that we lose your Claim, we have No Win No Fee insurance policies to cover us for this – we will never ask you to pay us*.

In addition when dealing with your claim on a No Win No Fee Basis you will receive 100% of your Compensation if we do win.

For the vast majority of our clients this remains the most appropriate means of funding a claim. Where appropriate we will enter into a conditional fee agreement with you to provide cover in respect of our legal fees for investigating and pursuing your claim. The bottom line is that if your case is unsuccessful we will not charge you a penny for our fees.

If you win your case the Court would normally order the opponent to pay most of our fees and disbursements, including the insurance premium and the success fee, so long as the charges are deemed to be proportionate and reasonable.

We have access to market leading after the event insurance which aims to protect you against any adverse liability for your opponents legal costs and disbursement in the unlikely event we are unsuccessful with your claim.

Conditional fee agreements need to be assessed on an individual case by case basis due to their complexity. We would be delighted to discuss this and any other methods of legal funding with you in greater detail.

Legal expense insurance

You may have legal expense insurance on your car or household insurance policy. We urge all our clients to produce copies of their insurance policies so that we can carefully check your policy for information on whether you have suitable cover for a medical negligence claim

In most instances your insurance cover will need to have been in place at the time of the alleged negligent treatment or advice. Your insurer will need to be notified of the potential claim at the earliest opportunity by us and we will need to scrutinise the terms of the policy to ensure that it covers the potential claim and that it provides sufficient financial support to fund the claim for the entire duration of the litigation process.

Private funding

If you have the financial means to pay for your own case and the above options are not suitable for your specific circumstances then you can pay us to investigate your case. Under this agreement we charge you on a pre agreed hourly rate for the time we spend working on your case. We will provide you with a detailed costs estimate at the outset and subsequently agree cost limits for each stage of the claim.

If you win, you should normally recover all of these costs from your opponent. If you lose, you will not get to recover the money you have paid.