Dental Negligence

Dental Negligence is when an NHS or private dentist gives substandard care or treatment to a patient which causes them injury.

There are various types of failings in dental care, including:

  • Dental instruments falling into the throat of a patient
  • Receiving too much local or general anaesthetic
  • Extracting the wrong tooth or teeth
  • Failure to treat oral abscesses
  • Delay in diagnosis of oral cancer
  • Nerve damage during tooth extraction or other dental work
  • Fracture of adjacent tooth or teeth during extraction
  • Incorrect filling of root canal
  • Failure to monitor progressive gum disease leading to loss of teeth

To make a medical negligence claim for failings in dental care, the treatment provided (including any failure to provide appropriate treatment) must have caused further injury, pain and suffering. In addition, we must also prove, usually with the assistance of expert evidence, that no other reasonably competent dentist would have provided the substandard care or treatment.

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