Accident at Work

Mr G had been working as a forester for over 3 and a half years. Often working with heavy and dangerous machinery, Mr G received no training on how the different types of machinery worked. On the day of the incident, a small log had become wedged in the mechanism of the machine. The safety guard had been taken off, meaning that Mr G had no choice but to try and dislodge the log whilst the machine was still active. As a result, a chainsaw blade came loose and cut Mr G’s index and middle finger, causing a deep laceration. Mr G was forced to take a lengthy time off work due to the injury.

Upon returning to work weeks later, Mr G’s employer had not taken any further health and safety precautions. As a result, the cut became infected which further exacerbated the discomfort. We were able to successfully recover £3,000 in damages for Mr G to compensate him for the pain, suffering and loss of earnings.