Accident at Work

Mr D was employed as a bakery cleaner. During his duties of cleaning the kitchen area, our client sustained a deep laceration to his right hand from an exposed metal strip. Following the injury, Mr D was unable to perform any normal domestic duties and became heavily dependent upon assistance from his mother. He was also unable to enjoy day to day activities such as driving, walking his dogs and going to the gym. Due to the injury, Mr D also suffered from a reduction in grip power in his right hand. This was particularly concerning for the client in terms of his future employability, as he had always been employed in industry where manual handling and lifting is essential.

Mr D’s employers admitted that the metal strip contained sharp and dangerous edges and posed a recognised risk to employees. We were successfully able to argue that had a risk assessment been conducted prior to the incident, remedial steps could have been taken to prevent the injury. For example, Mr D could have been provided with protective equipment such as handgloves. We successfully recovered a settlement of £6,600 for Mr D.