Please read the below in order to progress your claim. Once you have filled in the requred information press the accept button. We’ll take care of the rest.

You are now able to accept the PPI refund offer made my your lender. Once you have accepted the offer we can then instruct your lender to process your financial refund.
Enter your customer reference number, acceptance ID and a valid payment method in the form provided. You can find this information in your offer letter. No payments are due until after your refund confirmation (see below).
Once you have completed the form, tick to confirm you understand the information provided in your bank offer letter, and click ACCEPT MY REFUND.

Frequently Asked Questions

The timescale for your refund is controlled by the lender. Typically refunds are processed within 6 – 8 weeks from the date we submit your offer acceptance.

Lenders have different processes regarding how refunds are issued. In some cases the refund is paid into our secure SRA regulated client account; from here we’ll issue the refund to your bank account. In other cases the bank may issue the refund directly into your bank account.

Only once the refund has been issued will we provide you with a copy invoice for payment. We’ll then process this payment through your chosen payment method. Please use the form on this page to confirm your card payment method.

Yes. A written invoice will be produced before any payments are processed at the agreed figure in your reclaim pack which is also confirmed in your bank offer letter. This will be sent to you via an online link, post and or email. We’ll also confirm the payment due date.