Medical Defence Solicitors - Legal Advice & Representation Service

Most healthcare professionals will find themselves able to turn to their defence unions for legal advice and assistance under the terms of their professional indemnity cover. As a result of not being a member of a medical defence organisation, a growing number of people find themselves without advice or representation from the early stages of an investigation or a claim and either instruct solicitors privately – some of whom may not have the appropriate skills and experience – or, alternatively, act on their own behalf possibly out of a belief that other forms of assistance are not available.


If you are in this position then you will find the medical defence solicitors service offered by AIA to be cost effective, timely and invaluable. Our fees are highly competitive when compared to some of the larger law firm's. If appropriate, we can act for you on a reduced hourly rate or a fixed fee. 


Your case will not be delegated to junior inexperienced lawyers and our Managing Partner will personally have day to day conduct of your case.


Whilst most healthcare professionals are fortunate to be members of one of the medical defence organisations (Medical Defence Union, Medical Protection Society, Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland) or the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the reality of the situation is that some are not, or that the problem they need assistance with falls outside their benefits of membership.


AIA's medical defence Solicitors can fill that gap by providing prompt and effective guidance leading to professional advice to anyone who finds themselves without the appropriate defence expertise.


Contact 0161 8710452 to speak to Mr Atcha on a completely discrete and confidential basis.