Solicitors for Doctors / Dentists


Partnership Agreements


GP Practices, both large and small, are advised by the BMA to enter into written Partnership Agreements. These documents protect both the practice and partners and ensure that terms and conditions are set out, and come into play when changes occur within the practice. We have developed a clear and concise method of drafting such agreements, to suit the needs of each individual practice. These detailed agreements are designed to avoid partnership disputes and include legal aspects relating to:

  • Responsibilities and Duties of Partners
  • Dissolution, Retirement, Death and Expulsion
  • Capital Assets (Surgery etc)
  • Sickness and Incapacity
  • Holidays and cover 
  • Division of equity
  • Partnership Income

Partnership Disputes


Disputes arise for various reasons, including surgery issues, finances, and on the retirement or expulsion of a partner, and are often more difficult to resolve where there is an inadequate (or no) Partnership Agreement in place.

We can offer support and advice in the case of a Partnership dispute. We understand how difficult conflict between partners can be, and we have the expertise to investigate each case and offer pragmatic advice and practical solutions. Our aim is always to find a cost-effective solution for our client.


Partnership Changes


Partners leave and new partners join a practice. This often requires restructuring the partnership’s finances and property ownership.

Traditionally new partners would look to acquire a share of the equity after a successful probationary period, although this is no longer always the case, with new partners content to operate as salaried GPs.

We can guide you through the process, and help to simplify and complete the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Property Advice


GPs have specialist needs when it comes to property transactions, and we understand how to maximise your bargaining strengths. Whether you are acquiring a new surgery, leasing premises, sharing with another practice, expanding or downsizing, we can guide you through the legal process. We also have extensive knowledge of the NHS LIFT Scheme from both the Doctors’ and the PCT’s perspective, and can advise and negotiate on your behalf if entering into an under lease with the PCT.



We can advise on any commercial aspect of your practice including service supply contracts, joint venture agreements and your GMS or PMS contract.

Employment Issues


Our employment law specialists can advise and assist with all your staff and HR issues, giving advice on contracts, redundancies, compromise agreements etc.