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Have you suffered from an injury or poor treatment at the hands of a dentist?


AIA's dental negligece solicitors can help you claim compensation for your suffering.

From time to time people sadly undergo a bad experience visiting the dentist. This involves them experiencing pain beyond the usual limits, due to a failure by the responsible dentist to take adequate care and/or skill. AIA solicitors dental negligence lawyers can help you if you’ve been involved in such a scenario to get the compensation you deserve.

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What is Dental Neligence?


Visiting the dentist is daunting for most people, even if surgery isn’t required. Therefore, having long, painful and awkward work carried out is certainly not most people’s idea of fun. Despite this, we put trust in our dentists to carry out the work to the best of their professional ability and experience.

Unfortunately, on occasion work can go wrong and cause complications, which results in more painful surgery being required to fix the work already done. If this is the case, it’s possible that dental negligence compensation can be claimed.

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Dentist’s owe a duty of care to all their patients. This is the case for both private and NHS patients. Compensation for dental mistakes can be recovered if the treatment you received was inappropriate and/or below an acceptable standard.

Examples of Dental Negligence


The majority of dental negligence claims fall into three main categories which are:

Careless Work


When a dentist causes you an injury during the process of your treatment, you may pursue a claim for dental negligence compensation. Careless work includes cutting you with sharp tools, or removing the incorrect tooth during an extraction.


Inadequate Treatment


Negligence can occur over a long period of treatment or even during a single visit to a surgery. Inadequate is where the work carried out hasn’t been up to standard and often causes further pain. The dentist may not have been trained to carry out the work or was unsure as to what he/she was doing. 




Is when a wrong diagnose is made. This can result in further pain for the victim and more work undertaken to resolve the symptons and suffering.


There are many other ways in which dental mistakes can be made. If you believe you have suffered negligence at the hands of a dentist, contact AIA solicitors  for free, professional advice on how to claim.

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